VOLMO Medical selected to join Digital Health Accelerator Program....

The East Midlands Digital Health Accelerator(EMDHA) is designed to help innovator companies with the future adoption and spread of their digital technologies and innovations within the NHS and other healthcare sector. Read More>>

Design and Simulate Patient Specific....

In this study we designed and simulated a rigid proximal humerus fracture fixation plate using patient scan dataset. Patient CT scan data was used to create a patient specific fixation plate using medical segmentation and CAD software ImageSim from VOLMO (UK. Segmented model of full bone an.... Read More>>


A finite element human torso model was developed from high resolution CT data. ImageSim platform (VOLMO LTD ( UK)) was used to create a detailed model consisting of Liver , Rib cage and Lungs. Model assembly and alignment was done in TSV Pre (TechnoStar Japan) . The Analysis was performed using.... Read More>>