Customization of Spinal Implant - Design, Simulate and 3D Print Patient Specific implant for L4 Vertebrae replacement.

L4-L5 the two lowest vertebra in the Lumber spine and together with the attached disc, joints, nerves and soft tissues, it provides a variety of functions including supporting the upper body and allowing motion in multi directions. However with ageing and other factors the L4-L5 segment is also prone to developing pain from injury and/or from degenerative changes. In this work we show how a customized L4 implant has been designed , simulated to test the suitability of designed implant and then finally 3D printed the implant for a patient that needed L4 implant.

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Indeed a very precious piece of information. I didn't even know such a kind of disease exists. I'd love to read more on treatment and prognosis part.

by: Siddharth Sharma