Design, Simulate and 3D print radial head implant from patient CT scan data.

In this paper we present the complete process of designing a customized radius implant for a patient who had fractured his arm and had a significant radial bone lose. Therefore it was difficult to get off the shelf implant. To design the implant patient CT scan dataset was imported into ImageSim software (VOLMO LTD (UK). Our approach was we segmented and created STL models of both the forearms, one with fracture one without fracture. Then using the radius bone of right forearm we recreated radius bone for the fractured radius. Assembled the model and then resected the bone segment from the newly created bone. While resecting the bone we made sure we leave enough space for the stem to be fitted.

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Indeed a very precious piece of information. I didn't even know such a kind of disease exists. I'd love to read more on treatment and prognosis part.

by: Siddharth Sharma